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Affiliate’s Database aims to help our merchants learn about affiliate marketing and promote products as easily as possible.

Learn more about the benefits of being a merchant as discussed in the paragraphs below.

Real-Time Tracking

Our real-time tracking software helps our team of experts keep tabs on how many clicks your link gets.

The moment a banner is clicked, a visit was made, and a product is sold, your commission will be generated instantaneously.


Affiliate’s Database consists of many groups of products. Each category offers a different amount of commissions depending on their popularity and trends.

There’s no need to worry because you can easily segment each category with our software.

Merchant API

Each of our merchants possesses an API which allows us to keep track of each individual affiliate marketer.

So not only can we track links, but we’ll also be able to track our merchants with their API, but of course, it’s only limited to marketing activities and transactions.

Training Webinars and Blogs

Our merchants are also granted access to our training webinars as well as our education center.

You can advance through topics regularly if you think you have what it takes to make use of our affiliate marketing tactics.